Zero Trust Demystified - How to implement a Zero Trust Framework in 2022

Zero Trust security, or Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA), have become buzzwords in recent years with the rise of data proliferation, remote working and digital business. Organisations are absolutely interested in learning how to create a Zero Trust Network (ZTN) but most are unclear on how to actually implement it.

In this blog we simplify and demystify what Zero Trust is (and is not) to support your organisation to draw tangible conclusions on how you might start implementing a Zero Trust Architecture in 2022.

In this assessment and roadmap engagement we work with you to:
  • Identify and document your cybersecurity perimeter

  • Review security architecture against modern threats

  • Assess readiness for simulated attacks

  • Highlight a maturity scale of cybersecurity improvements

  • Assess the suitability and configuration of all your Zero Trust Architecture components including Identity & Access Management, Email Gateways, Endpoint Detection and Response systems, Device Management and many more.

Would you like to discuss your ZTA Roadmap and readiness in 2022? Schedule your discovery session with our expert team to see if our assessment and Roadmap process is right for you.