Zero Trust Assessment: Your Pathway to Zero Trust Resiliency Starts Here

Zero Trust is an evolved foundational framework that redefines how organisations and individuals view and act upon the IT security perimeter. In fact, the idea of the perimeter has completely changed.

Zero Trust removes this traditional security perimeter assumption by implementing an explicit rule that no application or device can be trusted whether it is inside or outside of the cybersecurity perimeter i.e. ‘Trust nothing, verify everything’.

There are many business implications involved with not implementing Zero Trust within your business. Ransomware attacks have exponentially increased, remote work is now the norm for most businesses and the ability to work productively and efficiently has been compromised as a result of the global pandemic. It’s safe to say, it’s time for Zero Trust.

However, a number of organisations are unsure of how to achieve Zero Trust.

Which is why the cybersecurity expert teams at Cloud Solutions Group have built a Zero Trust Architecture Assessment and Roadmap product to achieve a pathway to Zero Trust.

In this assessment and roadmap engagement we work with you to:
  • Identify and document your cybersecurity perimeter
  • Review security architecture against modern threats
  • Assess readiness for simulated attacks
  • Highlight a maturity scale of cybersecurity improvements
  • Assess the suitability and configuration of all your Zero Trust Architecture components including Identity & Access Management, Email Gateways, Endpoint Detection and Response systems, Device Management and many more.
This assessment is the first step in achieving Zero Trust Architecture for your organisation.
Following this assessment, you’ll know the path to: 
  • Building stronger access control that minimises risk of ransomware and insider threats
  • Securing complex internal and external networks, including hybrid users and remote devices
  • Reducing security vulnerabilities as the business moves into cloud and multi-cloud environments
  • Minimise attack surface penetration
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