The Power Platform

What is Low-Code / No-Code and why is it transforming our business?

A low-code/no-code development platform is a visual software development environment that allows business users- sometimes called Citizen Developers- to develop applications, using drag and drop application components, connect them together and create a mobile or web application.

This puts the power into the hands of the business and allows for rapid development of applications, automation of processes and the facilitation of business intelligence for the actionable, relevant data insights that organisations today are craving.
 It is therefore critical that IT gets ahead of this curve and offers this as a curated service to the business to prevent Shadow IT. IT can be a real accelerator and enabler of this change. 

Trends driving Low Code / No Code Development- by the numbers

Business Trends Driving Low-Code/No-Code Adoption

The primary drivers of this change are: 

 •A growing need to modernise legacy implementations; ERP, CRM, Web apps etc.

•Little appetite amongst business and IT leaders for large scale replacement programs due to; COVID, cost and project risk. 

•Outdated and manual processes- the need for speed and agility to support new business models and respond to changing market conditions 

•IT cant meet the demand for an integrated mobile and web experience to support a mobile and remote workforce 

•Siloed Data- the need quickly to consolidate, analyse and act on data from disparate sources

 •The emergence of platforms offering out of the box capability to rapidly develop and deploy applications at scale   

Microsoft Power Platform and Common Data Service(now called Dataflex Pro).

The Microsoft Power Platform is a market leading Low-Code/No-Code platform that includes 5 solutions; 


Power Automate

Power BI

Power Virtual Agent and

PowerApps Portals.