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Practical Advice

Mid Market organisations are seeking to better understand the cost models and their ability to innovate in the cloud, they are increasingly challenged as to how to effectively and securely leverage the cloud to transform existing businesses and bring innovative new solutions to market, while keeping core-systems on-premises.

Cloud Solutions Group offers practical and actionable advice as to:

- Determine which applications and workloads are suitable for the Public Cloud and what the cost implications are.

- What should remain on premises.

- Which model is suitable for your business: Private, Hybrid or Multi Cloud.

- Which Public Cloud is best for you.

- Technology selection and Solution architecture of your future state.

- Migration plans


Data Center Transformation - innovative, simplified, automated

We provide expertise with VMware, SAN- Hybrid and All Flash arrays, Scale out NAS and Hyper-converged technologies and have partnerships with most of the leading and innovative vendors in this space.

We also deliver a range of leading Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, whether you are backing up to tape, replicating to another site or planning to utilise the Public Cloud as your Backup target or Disaster Recovery site. We have a range of innovative and proven solutions for you.

When you are planning your next data center refresh, speak to us, we have some of the best engineers and architects in the market and have successfully assisted many customers in transforming their data center services. 


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Over 70% of Mid Market organisations either have deployed or are planning to deploy a Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud comes with a unique set of challenges at the network, security, data fabric and management layers.

Cloud Solutions Group has a broad set of innovative and proven solutions that address these challenges.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Backup to the Cloud
  • Hybrid Applications that traverse on premises and the public cloud.
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Hybrid Networking and Security
  • Cloud Management Platforms


Infrastructure as Code

For organisations looking to move to a DevOps model, we can help you automate your infrastructure and implement Infrastructure as code with: Source Code repositories, Blue Prints and automated testing and builds. 

These tools can first be deployed on promises and are still valid in a Hybrid or Public Cloud  configuration.


Public Cloud AWS and Azure

The Cloud Solutions Group Engineering team have over 10 years experience migrating client environments and deploying new solutions on both platforms.

The public market cloud is continually evolving, Azure has gained significant traction and closing the gap with AWS and Google has joined the race. Navigating and selecting the ideal platform for your business isn't an easy task. 

As independent consultants, we will help you determine which Public Cloud best suits your organisation and use case from a; cost, features and technology perspective.

We provide:

  • Cloud Migrations to AWS and Azure
  • Backup and DR to Public Cloud
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Platform Services


End User Computing and Collaboration

With the rise of Cloud SaaS offerings such as Office 365, the options for End User collaboration are vast. While these options have unlocked new abilities to collaborate and increase productivity, navigating and selecting the appropriate services has become increasingly complex. To add to this complexity, securely enabling staff to collaborate while data is distributed across devices and the Cloud poses new security risks to organisations. 

Our End User Compute practices aims to help organisation navigate the new Cloud era of collaboration to enable the flexibility to work from any location, any time, while also ensuring data is secure and protected from outside threats. 

The set of services below provides some examples of how our End User Compute practice can help your business take advantage of Cloud based collaboration; 

  • Office 365 migrations for Email, Teams and OneDrive.
  • Advanced Office 365 Services for clients who have migrated   core services to Office 365 and want to maximize their return on investment. This includes: Office 365 Security and Compliance, Data Loss Prevention and Office 365 threat Intelligence and more.
  • Active Directory both on premises and Azure Active Directory.
  • Windows 10 upgrades and deployment.
  • Hybrid Client device management Intune with SCCM.
  • Desktop virtualisation and Enterprise mobility management with Azure and Citrix.

We are strong Citrix and Microsoft partners with many successful deployments and case studies.


Networking and Security

Networking and Security have always been challenging. They are increasingly difficult in a Hybrid and Multi Cloud environments.

Cloud Solutions Group focuses on software defined and automated Network and Security solutions that are intrinsically secure and deliver a virtual cloud network by architecting security into the infrastructure and application as opposed to bolting it on later.

Our offerings are:

  • Cloud Network Readiness assessments
  • Software Defined Networking 
  • Network Function Virtualisation
  • Network Automation
  • Micro- Segmentation / Zero Trust Networks
  • Network and Endpoint Security
  • Software Defined Firewalls
  • AI Based endpoint security
  • Network Monitoring

Our software defined solutions work both in an on-promises and Hybrid/Multi Cloud context.

Network Core and LAN Refresh:

Whether in conjunction with a Data Center refresh or a broader LAN refresh Cloud Solutions Group works with the leading vendors and can assist you with:

  • Design and Architecture
  • Technology Selection and Procurement
  • Implementation

With a seismic shift to Cloud Based applications and Data sharing Platforms the end point is the new Perimeter. Cloud Solutions Group delivers a set of solutions that address this:

  • Cloud Application Security Broker- to find and block Shadow IT and protect your organisation from associated threats.
  • Data Loss Prevention solutions that span across all your emails, attachments and documents whether they are shared internally or externally.
  • Risk-Based Conditional Access and Multi Factor Authentication and Single Sign On for your users and for hundreds of internal and Cloud Based Applications.
  • Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application management, delivered in a way that is seamless and productive for your users.
  • AI based security for encryption of Data across applications, operating Systems and data allowing our clients to isolate incidents and to respond to threats instantly.


Wireless and SD WAN

Both Wi-Fi and SD WAN and now critical components of both Remote working, Edge Computing and Cloud solutions.

Cloud Solutions Group partners with the market leading and innovative partners that align with our values of; simplicity, value and innovation.

Wireless solutions:

  • Site Surveys
  • Design and Architecture
  • Wireless Deployments
  • Cloud or on premises management


  • Design and Architecture
  • SD WAN sourcing and implementation


Managed Services

Our Managed Services practice offers a set of services that we tailor to fit individual clients' needs. 

It can range from a Service Level Agreement, to selective technology  outsourcing, to Managed Public Cloud or Private Cloud solutions. These include;

  • Public Cloud and Private Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Networking and Security Infrastructure 
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses more than ever rely on their digital platforms to remain competitive and differentiate their value in very disruptive and fast paced markets. 

By partnering with a trusted Managed Services Provider, you can ensure critical services are proactively monitored and maintained allowing you to focus on further growing your business. 

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Remote Workforce enablement

COVID-19 response


Cloud Solutions Group is currently helping numerous clients to rapidly enable secure remote working and improving the distributed work experience.


There are many challenges associated with remote working including:

  • Securing access to data and applications
  • Bandwidth capacity
  • Collaborating on documents and projects
  • Enacting Disaster Recovery sites
  • Increased burden on It staff
  • Sufficient Virtual Desktop capacity

Most commonly we are helping our clients with:

  • · Multi factor Authentication and Single Sign On solutions 
  • · Secure remote access via VPN 
  • · Scaling Citrix and VDI environments
  • · Instantiating Office 365 and enabling Teams
  • · Migrating various Apps to the AWS and Azure
  • · Increasing bandwidth
  • · Even sourcing laptops for those caught short

In addition many vendors are providing free or heavily discounted tools. Please contact us to discuss your needs.