Case Study – Russell Kennedy Lawyers

Cloud Solutions Group delivers return to office and COVID-19 Case Management PowerApps for Russell Kennedy Lawyers

Value Delivered

COVID19 rapid response capability​
Improved productivity
Minimal investment upfront
Minimal ongoing investment​
Removed requirement for reception visitor books​
Reduced operational complexity
Inherent security​
Improved user experience
Single database for easy access​
Cost savings

Technology Used

Microsoft Power Platform
Power Apps
Power BI

The client

Russell Kennedy Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. In early 2019, Russell Kennedy and Aitken Lawyers merged to create a 270-strong practice.

To manage employees as well as visitors returning to work following COVID-19, the firm required an app that would manage their contact tracing responsibilities and compliance. 

Our Approach

CSG built three apps within the Power Platform, using Power Apps and PowerBI. CSG also used Microsoft Forms.

Russell Kennedy staff access the Return To Work Power App on their mobile phone, and they request a “Day Pass”. They answer three health questions relating to COVID-19, and they receive their Day Pass. The app records the time into office as the time they request a Day Pass. There is an option on the app to register time out of the office as well.

The Sydney office required a roster system, so the App included a link to the latest roster as well as managed any office access required if employee was not on the roster.

Cloud Solutions Group created two options for Visitors. The first option is a Visitor App that could be completed on a tablet provided at reception. The app asks for personal information, and then indication of how long they will be in the office, and who they are meeting. The visitor is then asked to answer three health questions. The second option is for the Visitor to scan a QR code at reception and complete the same information and health questions via a webform.

The solution combines all the data from employees and visitors into one database. The Employee App links to Active Directory and records floor and desk number. The Case Management App was developed to assist the HR team to manage cases in the event of a positive COVID-19 case. 

The Solution Delivered:

· An easy to use app that employees can use on their mobile device or on their PC;

· The employee only has to set up and login once, and then the app remembers their credentials, making it quick and easy to use each day;

· Visitors can use their own phone via a QR code to register, or use a tablet at reception to register;

· Case Management App can be utilised in the event of a COVID case to assist management – HR can access contacts registered in the office for any specific day, as well as visitors;

· Specific users can access report to see who has registered each day in each office;

· When the Victorian Government introduced the 25% of total employee rule, the App was quickly changed to calculate 25%, count the registrations for each day, and if 25% exceeded, provide a message to say that employees in the office limits have been reached, and not allow a Day Pass to be granted in this case.

This resulted in reducing the time and effort required by management team to manage a manual sign in for employees:

  • All data fields mandatory;
  • All responses stored in one database for easy access if required;
  •  No more paper-based Visitor Book at reception;
  • Minimum upfront investment to build, and minimal ongoing costs;
  • The Power platform is integrated with Office 365, so security, backup, management already established;
  •  In the event of a COVID-19 case, the HR team can effectively and quickly respond. They will be able access close contacts, record key information about each case, and also report to management as to status of each case/cases quickly.

The Cloud Solutions Group USP:

      • · We use our business process experience and IT solutions to deliver a solution that matches their requirements

        · The solution delivered matched to the specific requirements of Russell Kennedy;

        · We are leaders in technology solutions for Legal and Business services sector.

        · We have over 10 years of industry experience delivering solutions.

Value Delivered

COVID19 rapid response capability
Improved Productivity
Minimal investment upfront
Minimal ongoing investment
Removed requirement for reception visitor books
Reduced operational complexity
Inherent security
Improved user experience
Single database for easy access
Cost savings

Technologies Used

Microsoft Power Platform
Power Apps
Power BI