Our Story


Cloud Solutions Group was founded in 2010 by executives from a large systems integrator. What they found over time was, that like most large integrators, the organisation was good to start with; but as it grew, it became inflexible, conservative and expensive. As such frustrated by this and the massive shift to cloud computing they saw a gap in the marketplace and founded CSG with the cultural foundation of; agility, innovation, value and a partnering focus.

Many clients see us as their trusted advisor and value us as a Partner that meets them where they are at and always provides an unbiased and progressive view as to the best next steps for their business technology platforms. Whether it was virtualising their infrastructure, migrating applications to the public cloud or delivering collaboration and mobility initiatives.

After 5 successful years of helping clients on their cloud journey the team joined one of the big four global consultancy firms at the end of 2015. During that time, we have continued to serve our mid-market clients, the team also gained valuable experience and expertise working with larger Global Brands delivering complex digital transformation programs.

The market in 2020 is radically different than it was in 2010. The pace of change has been exponential, and many clients have already moved many workloads and applications to the public cloud. This has created its own set of challenges with silos and disparate technology stacks between on-premises and public clouds. Some customers have even embarked on a multi cloud strategy which further compounds this issue.

In addition to this the challenges related to; networking, security, data management, automation and resiliency which are difficult on-premises are compounded in a hybrid or multi cloud context. Many clients are now struggling to determine what are the best options for them as to which Cloud platform and architecture should they choose and how will they maintain compliance, performance, resilience and security in a distributed Cloud architecture?

The Cloud Solutions Group’s; skills, knowledge and experience have continued to progress with the market and we are therefore ideally positioned to help our clients solve these issues. We believe this time calls for a fresh approach and have thus decided to start Cloud Solutions Group again. Our mission is to help our clients on their digital transformation journey and to continue to deliver on our values of; independence, agility, integrity and client success in this evolving Hybrid World.