Mental chatter is “Fake News”

These thoughts are so relevant todays circumstances and come with a shout out to the Mind Valley Podcast.

Here are 5 ideas that will transform your thinking, if you adopt them and therefore will change the way you experience your life.

#1 Your awareness is a flashlight - Your mind is like a flashlight, wherever you focus your attention will determine your experience.

Focus on your blessings and that will be your experience, no matter what is going on around you.

#2 Mental chatter is fake news - We create a negative view of our world and then we live in it.

We create the matrix we live in.

Your worst scenario is unlikely to happen.

Even if it does you can handle it.

You can always be radically alive.

#3 Let go of resistance to what is - We have no control over what happens around us.

We can still do your best no matter what.

Embrace it, whatever it is for you.

From this positive space create the change you want. 

#4 Goals are not the meaning of life - Set goals and don't be attached to the outcomes.

We can never really control the outcomes.

The benefit in our lives is not achieving goals, it's the learning and growth we get as part of the process.

Focus in the process.

Don't be attached to outcomes.

#5 Focus on what I can contribute - to people around me and help them feel better.

Even if it's just 1 person we help it has amazing value.

Radiate calmness and you will help others be calm.

This is great advice if you are a parent or leader.

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