Learn how to use pre-built Power Apps to automate your business processes

Would you like the ability to automate your most time consuming, repetitive tasks without investing tens of thousands in an engineering team to do this for you?

Gartner predicted 65% of application development will be delivered by Low Code/No Code by 2023 whilst IDC referenced that 80% of IT budgets reported a requirement to support legacy applications. This reliance on legacy is slowing businesses down and many are looking for ways to modernize with business process automation, without breaking the bank or compromising existing technology.

Pre-built and customisable power apps can support you to evolve from legacy software based (or paper-based) processes that are no longer working, whilst benefiting from increased automation at an accessible price point.

Pre-built power apps are relevant for you if you’d like to automate any of the below processes (not exclusive to this list):
  • Expense claims
  • Timesheeting
  • Leave requests
  • Capex approvals
  • Attendance trackers
  • OHS procedures
  • Accounts receivable
  • Document management systems
  • Remote work requests
  • COVID-19 case management
  • Web Order/Pick & Ship

If this is relevant to your department or business, simply schedule a demo with us to take you through our Power Apps Pre-built App Store.

We’ll take you through our implementation process (with no obligation to proceed) and will teach you how you can evolve and revolutionise your processes, quickly and painlessly with plenty of customer use cases for you to see it in action.

Some of the use cases we’ll demonstrate in this demo session (included time for personalised Q&A):

  • Leave Requests & Timesheeting
  • Expense Claims
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Health & Safety
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