Learn how Councils can leverage Power Apps to automate outdated processes

Would you like help with automating your most time consuming, repetitive and outdated tasks with simplicity and ease?

We help councils to implement pre-built and customisable Power Apps that help them evolve from legacy software based (or paper-based) processes that are no longer working, whilst benefiting from increased automation at an accessible price point.

We do the technical work, so you can focus on the initiatives that matter most to your community.

Power Apps are relevant for you if you’d like to automate processes like the below:

  • Capital Works projects forms
  • Financial Hardship online forms
  • Signage & Advertising Application forms
  • Planning Permit Application forms
  • Typical HR related forms 
  • & much more!

Power Apps can be completely customised to your unique processes, no matter how complex they may be – at a very affordable price point (reach out for a quote).

If this is relevant to your council, simply schedule an introductory session/workshop with us to take you through our Power Apps practice.

We’ll take you through our implementation process (with no obligation to proceed) and will teach you how you can evolve and enhance your processes, quickly and painlessly without any technical skills required!

Check out the Bass Coast Shire Council use case below, or read the written use case here.

We’re offering genuinely interested councils a completely complementary process mapping session to help you in defining the most ideal process for you.

Register your details and provide your preferred meeting time here: