The Cloud Solutions Group philosophy is to meet our clients wherever they are at in their journey with the Power Platform and to help them progress simply and efficiently and get the maximum value from the platform.

We have a team that includes both Business Process experts and experienced Developers that can assist you to:

1. Initiate – Organisations who want to get started with the platform; pick a key business process you want to automate, an application you need developed, or a business intelligence requirement. We will work with you in an Agile manner and quickly deliver an outcome while enabling your team.

2. Accelerate – For organisations that have begun their journey with the Power platform but have a backlog of apps and flows they need developed, our team can seamlessly integrate with yours and deliver these outcomes for you quickly and efficiently.

3. Pay-As-You-Go consulting or Staff Augmentation – in addition to project work, Cloud Solutions Group can help you start small and scale as needed without a long term commitment, while giving you access to the expertise needed to get things done.

4.  Microsoft PowerApps Support – If you have many little tasks or requirements and needs that are continually changing, our team can provide pro-active or re-active support as needed.

Common Use Cases and starting points

To help you get started here are some common use cases and areas we can assist you on your PowerApps journey:

1.  Migration of Legacy Applications to PowerApps – One of the key challenges faced by businesses today is evolving away from manual and legacy processes. PowerApps addresses this challenge by empowering the business users to easily build the business apps they need and extend or customise the apps they already use.


Whether you are looking to replace your current manual processes or extend the functionality of your key legacy applications the Cloud Solutions GroupPowerApps team have the expertise and experience to build enterprise level power apps to meet your business needs. We have proven methodology for converting manual and legacy processes to modern cloud apps using PowerApps, Automate and CDS.


Contact us today for a free consultation of your current processes and legacy applications.

2. From Excel To PowerApps-  Excel has been one of the flagship products of the Microsoft Office portfolio. It has been used widely for decades to solve various business problems. But with the changing landscape of technology and growth in data, Excel has become a challenge for many businesses. PowerApps offer a great alternative for Excel users. It provides an interactive UI on web or mobile to view, collect and manipulate data. PowerApps with Automate, CDS and PowerBI offers a complete end to end solution which is flexible, scalable and mobile.


The Cloud Solutions Group PowerApps team can help you convert and consolidate your Excel based processes to the PowerApps landscape. This can be transformation for finance for closing end of month and moving away from the proliferation of legacy spreadsheets and manual formulas.


Contact us today for a free consultation of your Excel spreadsheets and manual processes.

3. Automation and Robotic Process Automation ( RPA)- Power Automate provides a single solution for end-to-end automation that spans on-premises systems and the cloud. This approach addresses three primary areas: Intelligent understanding of data, Connecting to over 300 modern apps and services and RPA connects to enterprise applications without REST APIs. The ability to use AI, API connectors, and RPA make Power Automate the most comprehensive automation platform available in the cloud today. The Cloud Solutions Group team will assist you to unlock analog data with AI, automate UI with RPA, and automate cloud applications and databases with built-in connectors and be the trusted partner to your automation journey. Contact us today for a free assessment and a Microsoft Power Automate consultation plan.


A very common Automation use case is Invoice processing, that is typically very manual and time consuming. This can all be integrated and automated with PowerApps and Power Automate.

4. Infopath Forms to PowerApps-  InfoPath forms has been the go to option for business users to automate forms and streamline the data collection process. It’s tight integration with SharePoint made it number one option to customise SharePoint. Like all other technology of 2000’s InfoPath also has its limitations compared to modern platforms. PowerApps, the successor to InfoPath, provides a low code way to create custom solutions for SharePoint Online that unlock new capabilities for your business users and improves business productivity.


Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current InfoPath forms and a migration plan.

5. Nintex to PowerApps- Nintex forms and workflows has been a preferred choice for SharePoint since its inception. But with the launch of PowerApps & power Automate in 2016 it offers a much more economical, scalable, collaborative option with all the features of office 365 platform. PowerApps delivers a web and mobile UI for users, Power Automate provides a strong workflow engine with over 300 plus connectors.


Contact us today for a free evaluation of your current Nintex deployments and a migration plan.