Cloud Solutions Group signs an Australian partnership with LucidLink, the world’s first client-cache file sharing system for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction sector.

Cloud Solutions Group (CSG), a leading Australian IT professional services and systems integrator, has announced today its Australian reselling and implementation partnership with LucidLink, an innovator in cloud file services for the media and Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector.

Boasting 11 major architectural and engineering firms in their customer portfolio, the team at CSG went on a mission to find the most innovative, reliable and cloud-ready file distribution system that overcame common file sharing challenges faced by the AEC sector.

“Several of our major AEC customers were all expressing the same file sharing challenges – they had large AutoCAD or Revit design files that were slow to share, had version control issues and were not able to remotely access live documentation across multiple sites. This was impacting construction quality, project timelines and blowing out cost,” comments CSG Managing Director, Josh Rubens. 

Josh continued,

“Traditional file-based solutions like Dropbox, SharePoint and OneDrive are not suitable for CAD file types and vertical solutions such as BIM360 and Newforma are siloed and cost prohibitive. The first generations of centralised cloud-based storage with branch caching solutions such as Panzura, Nasuni and NetApp Global File Cache, are no longer fit for purpose in our Hybrid Working world. This has set users back to relying on VPN’s and Virtual desktops to remotely access their work data from home or in remote sites”.

A new game changing technology that still delivers cloud-based centralisation of data but now has device-based cache will solve these problems and deliver the collaboration, performance and mobility that is critical to the AEC industry,

“At a time like this, the Australian AEC industry needs any extra help and efficiencies that they can get to reduce cost of defects and cost of operation. So, we researched a series of technologies, and came up with LucidLink – we were blown away with their platform and how easily it overcomes all of these challenges.” he says.

LucidLink, deemed as the AEC industry’s most innovative encrypted file technology, allows Architects, Engineers and Construction teams to immediately access design assets and large file project documentation, from the cloud, as if they were working on a local drive. Users can playback files without downloading them, make design changes in file without saving and storing new copies and collaborate in real time with team members around the world with all digital assets stored in the cloud as one single source of truth. 

“What we have found in our fifteen years of servicing the IT requirements of the AEC industry is that, anecdotally, the majority of project delays and costly blow-outs are attributed to poor documentation sharing, version controlling and communication mishaps across digital channels – including file sharing, email and text messages,” says Rubens. 

“If a multi-supplier project team of architects, engineers and site construction managers can access critical project designs and documentation that is managed in real-time and offers true collaboration – then we’re able to reduce the likelihood of construction staff building bricks and mortar from old or inaccurate project designs.”

The partnership with LucidLink also allows for the CSG team to deliver better remote working tools for their AEC customers by ensuring files are accessible anywhere – including mobile, tablet and personal laptops – all in a safe, secure and encrypted environment.

“Working remotely with distributed construction, design and engineering teams is the new normal. Remote work becomes more challenging as the size of data assets increases – which is why unlimited access to project documentation helps with operational efficiency.”

“LucidLink is designed for direct data access over distance, and turns the cloud into an extension of the local computer’s storage. Using LucidLink, our customers no longer need to continually sync or download files, struggle with VPN connections, use third-party file transfer services, or physically print architectural documents. Architects and engineers can efficiently work with AutoCAD, Revit or SolidWorks documents on their local machines, and collaborate on projects stored in cloud storage with multiple editors, simultaneously, across different geographic locations. It’s a game-changer.” concludes Rubens.