Cloud Native Storage vs Third-Party Storage - Part 2


In Part one of this blog we discussed that it is important to have a storage solution in the public cloud that is useful to your applications and that many enterprise applications are not written to take advantage of Cloud Storage solutions.

In this second part of the blog we will discuss some great options and storage solutions you can use in the public cloud that are both native and Third party.

Cloud gateways

A cloud storage gateway is an appliance which resides on-premises and translates cloud storage APIs such as SOAP or REST to block-based storage protocols such as iSCSI or Fibre Channel or file-based interfaces such as NFS or SMB.

This is really useful as most organisations aren’t prepared to use cloud native storage so they use a gateway or translator.

A gateway is an interpretation later between on premises and cloud storage. Many cloud storage solutions are a type of gateway or translation layer that solve the compatibility and format issues for you.

For example, Dropbox is a type of gateway, it uses object storage in the back end. There are many gateway solutions that sit on premises and fulfil this role. Examples are: AWS Storage Gateway, StorSimple by Microsoft and AltaVault by NetApp.

Cloud Tiering

Cloud tiering is one of the best use cases for cloud storage as it allows you to overcome Data gravity issues.

This works as you replicate your data to the cloud, and you are not working directly from your Production data.

This is excellent for use-cases like image analysis, as the processing works off your replicated data.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Tiering enables many Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery solutions. It is also good for litigation and legal hold.

Many backup vendors are now calling themselves data management vendors as they use the cloud as a secondary or tertiary tier of data storage. This is one of the best use cases for cloud native storage today.

File/Unstructured Data centralisation and collaboration

Another great use case for Public Cloud storage is when applications like File servers and CAD/ CAM applications like AutoCad and Revitt can use a local caching solution as use the public cloud as a centralisation and tiering mechanism.

This allows them to collaborate in real time as if they’re using a local file server across many geographically distributed sites.

Solutions Like Panzura and Talon (now acquired by NetApp and called Global File Cache) are great for architecture and Engineering firms to use cloud as a source of truth and have gateways locally for fast access and caching like it’s in the data centre.

In Part 3 of this Blog we will continue to explore Third Party cloud storage solutions and options. 

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