Cloud Architecture Design & Migration

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Over 70% of organisations either have deployed or are planning to deploy a Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud comes with a unique set of challenges at the network, identity, security, data fabric, automation and management layers.

Cloud Solutions Group has a broad set of innovative and proven solutions that address these challenges.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup to the Cloud

Hybrid Applications that traverse on premises and the public cloud

Cloud Storage Solutions

Hybrid Networking and Security

Cloud Management Platforms

Engage us when you are considering a Hybrid Cloud Architecture and need help selecting the right platform and with architecting and designing a solution that meets your business and technical requirements.

Public Cloud AWS and Azure

As the first independent Cloud consultancy in Australia, the Cloud Solutions Group Engineering team have over 10 years experience migrating client environments and deploying new solutions on both the AWS and Azure platforms.

The public market cloud is continually evolving, Azure has gained significant traction and closing the gap with AWS and Google has joined the race. Navigating and selecting the ideal platform for your business isn’t an easy task. 

As independent consultants, we will help you determine which Public Cloud best suits your organisation and use case from a; cost, features and technology perspective.

We provide:

Cloud Migrations to AWS, Azure and GCP

Backup and DR to Public Cloud

Azure Active Directory

Azure SQL

Azure Platform Services

Re-platforming of legacy apps to use Cloud Native services

Hybrid Cloud Solutions - Storage and Data Management

Many organisations already have or are in the process of migrating applications and data to the public cloud. One of the greatest challenges is Storage and Data Management and its associated requirements. “Data Gravity” is also a commonly used term in relation to issues associated with migrating large volumes of data to the cloud. 

Native Cloud Storage services in the public cloud mostly do not have the necessary Enterprise features and there are 100’s of AWS and Azure native storage offerings to choose from, it would be natural to think cloud native is the best in the Public Cloud. This is not always the case. 

We need storage that is useful to enterprise applications. Many enterprise applications are simply not written and designed to use native storage offerings like S3. This means you can’t just lift and shift an enterprise application to the cloud and expect it to use the native storage. It’s better and easier to use a platform that’s similar to or an extension of what you have on-premises. This makes migration to the public cloud easier and more secure.

Cloud Solutions Group’s approach is to recommend and deliver the right solution for each of our clients specific requirements and projects. 

We have a unique and broad set
of solutions that solve these challenges:

Cloud Storage gateways

A cloud storage gateway is an appliance which resides on-premises and translates cloud storage APIs such as SOAP or REST to block-based storage protocols such as iSCSI or Fibre Channel or file-based interfaces such as NFS or SMB. This is really useful as most organisations aren't prepared to use cloud native storage so they use a gateway or translator.
We offer several best of breed gateway solutions that sit on premises and fulfil this role. This includes: AWS Storage Gateway, StorSimple by Microsoft and AltaVault by NetApp.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud Tiering enables many Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery solutions. It is also good for litigation and legal hold.
Many backup vendors are now calling themselves data management vendors as they use the cloud as a secondary or tertiary tier of data storage. This is one of the best use cases for cloud native storage today. This also includes in-cloud backup solutions for workloads sitting on the Public Cloud. We work with the top Data Management vendors in this space including: Rubrik, Veeam, Commvault, MSP360 and several others.

File/Unstructured Data centralisation and collaboration

Another Great use case for Public Cloud storage is when applications like File servers and CAD/ CAM applications like AutoCad and Revitt can use a local caching solution and use the public cloud as a centralisation and tiering mechanism. This allows them to collaborate in real time as if they're using a local file server across many geographically distributed sites. Cloud Solutions Group works with Partners including Panzura and Talon (now acquired by NetApp and called Global File Cache) to help Architecture and Engineering firms to use cloud as a source of truth and have gateways locally for fast access and caching so the user experience is like they're working from a local file server.

Cloud Tiering

Cloud tiering is one of the best use cases for cloud storage as it allows you to overcome Data gravity issues. This works as you replicate your data to the cloud, and you are not working directly from your Production data. This is excellent for use-cases like image analysis, as the processing works off your replicated data.

Third Party Enterprise Storage solutions in the Pubic Cloud

Cloud Solutions Group partners with the best of breed solutions including; NetApp’s Cloud Volumes, Pure Storage’s Cloud Block Store, Datrium and HPE-Nimble cloud volumes for Cloud Block storage. These are the leading solutions in the market as they are enterprise storage that lives in the cloud. This is critical if you're using Virtual Machines and conventional applications in the cloud as they simply just work. It's basically the same software that your applications use in the data centre, so you can be confident that your applications can use it and it works and they won’t lose your data. These solutions have been codified for Systems Engineers and therefore you will ready know how to manage them, as they are what you are used to.
Cloud Solutions Group also delivers VMware on AWS and VMware on Azure. These are great options as they deliver a common platform and management plane to run your applications. You already know VMware works and how to manage and use it. It can make sense to use it elsewhere. It's practical and it works.
Contact us if your planning to use Cloud Storage and need help selecting the right solution and/or want expert advice and implementation expertise.