Are people really repatriating from the Public Cloud and why?

 Unfortunately, this is a reality. There has been a lot of buzz in recent times about organisations repatriating from the Public Cloud back to their On-Premises Data Centers. This article looks at the reasons this happens and how you can avoid it. There are 2 reasons companies move workloads back from the Cloud; Cost and Value. The scenario plays out like this- they went to the Public Cloud and the costs are rising far above expectations and it’s becoming a resume generating event, which means someone’s about to get fired. Wasn’t the Cloud supposed to be cheaper!? This usually results from a lift a shift and the Cloud bill has rapidly doubled beyond control and expectations. They expected to save money, but it hasn’t. For organisations adopting a Hybrid approach they are also still paying for their data centre, so they can bring workloads back to save money.

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