Cloud Solutions Group is an independent, boutique consultancy dedicated to enabling our client’s digital transformation journey, through successful and secure adoption of Hybrid and Multi Cloud Architectures and Low Code development platforms.

Our Expertise

Cloud Solutions Group is a specialist Systems Integrator and Cloud Consulting firm. We take organisations from virtualisation to cloud based environments with a combination of on-premises, hybrid and multi- cloud solutions.

The breadth and depth of our relationships allows us to offer vendor-neutral advice on how to implement the right technology for our clients. 

Our company is passionate in serving the IT needs of clients that operate in a variety of industries including; Architecture, Construction and Engineering, Medical Research, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Legal and Retail.  

We deliver proven solutions that are easy-to-use, feature rich and fit for purpose. Our core principles focus on selecting the right solution for each client, providing unparalleled technical expertise and delivering exceptional service whilst demonstrating an unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction and successful outcomes.

We enable our clients digital transformation with Microsoft’s Low-Code/No-Code Power Platform. Whether its developing Power Apps, Automating processes with Power Automate, enabling Data Insights through Power BI or transforming customer engagement with Bots using Power Virtual Agents.

We have strong strategic partnerships with most of the best of breed global cloud providers and technology vendors including: AWS, Microsoft, VMware, Dell EMC, HPE, Darktrace, Nutanix, Datrium and many others. As we are not exclusively aligned to a particular Cloud or On-Premises Vendor, we provide whatever the right solution is for each individual client.

As a collective we have deep expertise in the areas of cloud, networking, security, virtualisation, servers, storage, data management, Low-Code app development and end user computing . Through the richness of this experience and the benefits of software-defined, hybrid and multi cloud architectures, we enable our clients to innovate and transform their businesses.


Cloud Solutions continues to have success because:

Our excellent technical team

Our team with experience spanning both mid market and enterprise, bringing global consulting firm skills to the mid market.

Our passion for technology and delivering outcomes for our clients

We are passionate about successfully delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Our mid market focus

We understand the trends and challenges unique to the mid market

Our mid market experience

We were one of the First Cloud Integrators in 2010 and have over 80 years combined experience with mid market clients.

Our independence

We are not aligned to a single vendor or model - its always what's best for each client.

Our committment

The owners work in the business and deliver our projects

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Our end to end offerings

We deliver from strategy to implementation to managed services.

Our unique vendor partnerships

We offer a unique mix of innovative and disruptive Vendor Partnerships

Our Story


Cloud Solutions Group was founded in 2010, our mission has always been to help our clients transform their businesses with innovative , relevant and game changing technologies. Our leaders were pioneers in both the VMware and Cloud space and we continue to evolve with the rapidly changing landscape moving now into; AI based cyber security, Multi Cloud and Low Code/No Code Platforms.

Many clients see us as their trusted advisor and value us as a Partner that meets them where they are at and always provides an unbiased and progressive view as to the best next steps for their business technology platforms. Whether it was virtualising their infrastructure, migrating applications to the public cloud or delivering collaboration and mobility initiatives.

After 5 successful years of helping clients on their cloud journey the team joined one of the big four global consultancy firms at the end of 2015. During that time, we have continued to serve our mid-market clients, the team also gained valuable experience and expertise working with larger Global Brands delivering complex digital transformation programs.

The market in 2020 is radically different than it was in 2010. The pace of change has been exponential, and many clients have already moved many workloads and applications to the public cloud. This has created its own set of challenges with silos and disparate technology stacks between on-premises and public clouds. Some customers have even embarked on a multi cloud strategy which further compounds this issue.

In addition to this the challenges related to; networking, security, data management, automation and resiliency which are difficult on-premises are compounded in a hybrid or multi cloud context. Many clients are now struggling to determine what are the best options for them, which Cloud platform and architecture should they choose and how will they maintain compliance, performance, resilience and security in a distributed Cloud architecture?

The Cloud Solutions Group’s; skills, knowledge and experience have continued to progress with the market and we are therefore ideally positioned to help our clients solve these issues. We believe this time calls for a fresh approach and have thus decided to start Cloud Solutions Group again. Our mission is to help our clients on their digital transformation journey and to continue to deliver on our values of; independence, agility, integrity and client success in this evolving Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World. 


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DENIS RASIDOVSKIDirector Cloud and Managed Services

Josh is an innovator and a recognised expert in disruptive technologies, especially in the Cloud and Infrastructure space. An inspiring and motivational leader with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company or division he manages.  

Josh values innovation that provides real business benefit to his clients, Josh Rubens founded Cloud Solutions Group in 2010 to help Australian businesses with their journey to the cloud.

With more than ten years’ experience building cloud solutions, Josh wants to share his knowledge and save organisations from ‘painting themselves into a corner’ at the start of their transition.

While many businesses have used VMware and established the benefits of virtualisation, there is a general lack of awareness and confidence in the overall analysis required to make future-proof decisions about which systems to move to the cloud, and when. Josh’s mission is to help clients along the right path at these times of extreme change.

Josh has more than 20 years’ leadership experience. In Cloud Solutions Group he has built a strong team with a shared vision of helping clients digitally transform their businesses.

As Technical Director for Cloud Solutions Group, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his solutions driven approach. 

With an understanding of what it is to be a team member in both boutique and multi-national companies he is well placed to interpret the unique needs of different business sizes, along with the importance of well crafted, individual responses to client needs.

Andrew has more than 20 years hands on experience across a broad range of technologies, including networking, virtualisation, storage and cloud technologies. This allows him to quickly interpret customers technology landscapes and develop targeted upgrade pathways. 

Integral to his success is Andrew’s desire to strike a balance between a client’s needs, budget and long-term goals. He is wholly committed to every company he works with and is known for his approachability and flexible thinking.

Cloud Solutions Group’s Director of Cloud and Managed Services- Denis Rasidovski is passionate about developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

With 15 years’ experience in the areas of Cloud, End User Computing and infrastructure consulting, Denis believes clients need a roadmap for planning and a long term view of their infrastructure for success.

Denis keeps his finger on the pulse of technology developments and brings an international perspective to the Australian business environment, garnered from attendance at conferences and from vendor training through Cloud Solutions Group’s partnerships.

He believes that the biggest challenge for Australian businesses over the coming 2-3 years is to identify the best cloud-based solutions to alleviate problems with on-premise infrastructure and to deliver improved systems and costs. His goal is to help businesses avoid ‘false starts’ and transition smoothly to the cloud or a hybrid cloud/on-premise solution for genuine business value


Cloud Solutions Group partners with best of breed vendors