4 cost effective and simple ways to reduce helpdesk calls

 Now that everyone is working from home many of you have discussed with me the challenges of supporting this huge volume of remote workers. For a 300-user environment one client stated that “it’s like now having 300 office locations instead of 2!!”. The increased workload means that everyone including the IT Manager is now taking help desk calls!!

This puts pressure on everyone and does not allow for strategic thinking and continuous improvement, as well as overworking everyone and will eventually result in burnout of staff.

Another challenge is not being able to physically attend all of these sites due to Social Distancing and at some point, you may be asked to reduce head count, which will compound the situation.

Here are some simple and cost-effective ways that you can dramatically reduce help desk calls and empower end users while maintaining security and control. Many of you will own these tools already.

Many of these solutions are bundled in Office365 E3 and E5 packages and all of them are in the Enterprise Mobility and Security Suite.

Microsoft is rebranding Office365 for Business to Microsoft365 for business for organisations with less than 300 users on April 21.

This means that if you own Office365 for Business you will already own 90% of the above solutions. See link below for details.

Microsoft 365 FAQs

If you have any questions or would like to have a look at or need help deploying any of these solutions – or you just need a break from looking at the paintings in your study- feel free to contact me on jrubens@cloudsolutionsgroup.com.au for a brief video chat.