3 tips for Technology Leaders in dealing with COVID-19

I know that many of you have been working round the clock this week ensuring that staff have all the tools they need to work remotely.

If that is not enough the press and social media are piling on the doom and gloom which is totally unhelpful. Here are 3 ideas for maintaining a state of calm and equanimity in these crazy times:

1. Keep things in perspective

There’s an Old Yiddish saying: “to a worm in horseradish the whole world is horseradish.”

One of the best ways to deal with adversity is to maintain perspective of the bigger picture. As tough as things are at the moment, you can ask yourself “how much will this really matter in 2 or 5 or 10 years?” Project forward in your mind and think that after this plays itself out and things return to normal (they always do, even after World Wars). This is not to pretend that it is not happening, but what we focus on has a huge impact on our ability to deal with things. It doesn’t serve us to only focus on the negatives.

We can think about things like:

a. What example do I want to set for those who look up to me?

b. Was I a resource and a rock for my family, staff and friends?

c. In terms of a lifetime is this that important?

2. Are there any positives can possibly come out of this? 

We don’t learn and grow when things are easy and going well. Challenges are our best teachers. We learn the most about ourselves during times of stress. Resilience is a critical life skill and what a fantastic lesson for our children and staff to learn and for us to model. We can show them that no matter what happens, we can handle it with grace.

Working from home can also be a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones and bring much needed balance into our lives. Many of us can get consumed by work (especially me) and lose perspective on what’s really important.

3. We are all one:

Situations such as this remind us that we are all one and the same.

The CEO in London, the Scientist in Singapore and the student in Auckland are all in the same boat in this situation.

This reminds us that there are more similarities between us than there are differences. It has been proven that at a Quantum level we are all one, times like now really crystalize this.

Community and Unity are so important and remembering that we are not alone.  

A little bit of light can dispel a lot of darkness.

I hope these ideas are useful to you.

I know many of you and your teams are working around the clock at the moment and are critically under-staffed in terms of being able to deliver in the new distributed working environment. Cloud Solutions Group has staff available to augment your teams across may technology areas and help out for; ad-hoc work, short term or long-term periods.

Please let me know if you need some help.

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